Construction, building and renovations in Sydney during COVID

Construction COVID -style in Sydney means things are operating out of the ordinary. Building and renovation is permitted again in NSW, and Klaar is prioritising safety and efficiency on every worksite. Here’s how:
We’re stringently following a best practice COVID safety plan
Face masks and other necessary protections are worn at every site, as needed
We’re stringently following health rules for both renovations of private homes, and unoccupied construction sites
We’re supporting the Klaar team to be vaccinated quickly and efficiently

There’s more you can do to prioritise your project during COVID:

Get ahead of the building COVID Sydney queue

The halting of construction in Greater Sydney will likely create a backlog of work for existing and new projects. If you are planning a new residential, renovation, remedial or strata project, you might find yourself at the back of the queue of many tradespeople who are busy with other work. Contact your builder to make sure that’s not the case.

Prepare to be the first in line when the construction COVID limitations are over

Discuss your timeline with your potential builder or construction company. Ensure that there’s the capacity for your project to start or continue at the date you prefer, given the build-up of previous work.

Ask for an initial consultation to discuss ideas for a new project

While construction can’t take place now, it’s a great time to discuss design, building, construction and price options with your builder. Use this time to brainstorm and build a relationship with a construction company that can collaborate with you.

Use digital and video technologies to share ideas with your builder

Planning your project with your builder doesn’t always have to take place face-to-face. Through photos, videos, floor plans and in-depth zoom conversations, opening the conversation about how your project might proceed.

Think about how your building project can best proceed COVID-safe

Ask your builder how COVID-safe practices have been implemented on-site once construction can go ahead. Klaar is a COVID-safe company.
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to have an in-depth discussion about our approach during this time.
Stay safe, and happy building!

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